Hydro-Pac can customize any of our gas compressors, pumps or vessels to meet specific customer requirements for safe, high-pressure applications.

We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers to provide an end-product that means the specific requirements. We work with many manufacturers, universities, laboratories and research facilities to create custom solutions to unique high-pressure applications.

Following are a few samples of some custom equipment.


10,000 psig, 75 HP CNG engine testing system.
2,500 psig, 60 HP CO2 loop compressor system.
175,000 psig, 5 HP helium gas compressor for jewelry grade diamond manufacturing
60,000 psig, 20 HP pump burst test system with test enclosure for pressure testing cylinders and airbag inflators.
150,000 psig, 200 HP single shot pump system for autofrettage.
200,000 psig, 20 HP double acting pump for pressure testing and wire extrusion.
40,000 psig, 60HP single shot pump system for manufacturing artificial diamonds.
30,000 psig, 5 HP hydrogen
test cart.
30,000 psig custom valve rack.
45,000 psig custom valve rack.